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Friendly Slovenia

Friendly Slovenia
After a while, we’re getting farther away from the coast. From Trieste, the old lady gave us a ride. She realized soon that she liked us so much that we had to meet her family. And you can’t say NO to an old lady who gives you a ride. Meeting her family was great. We weren’t apparently the first hitchhikers invited into this family in its history. Therefore, everybody knew what to do. We had a great lunch and only because our busy schedule we had to refused to spend a night there and we set off to Ljubljana.

And now, we’re in the cheap hostel in the Slovenian capital, sharing the room with another twenty people, cursing heaven we have chosen not to stay with our kind family.

Posted: 6/15/2008 6:47:35 AM by Abigail Woodwarth | with 2 comments
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Personal Site - Friendly Slovenia
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Personal Site - Friendly Slovenia
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